PixSee MultiMedia Browser
Award PixSee MultiMedia Browser is a ZDNet Editors Choice! Award

What is PixSee MultiMedia Browser?

It's a great utility for browsing and organizing your image and multimedia files. It includes the following features:

o Quick and easy one-click viewing
o MediaShow - a slideshow style display of files
o MultiMedia Manager file management tool
o 32-bit version for Windows 95/98/NT
o 16-bit version for Windows 3.1

Why PixSee?

Viewing an image or multimedia file with most other viewers requires several mouse clicks before you can actually see an image. To view several files you must repeat the sequence for each and every one. This may work well enough for a small number of files but with the abundance of images and multimedia files available from the Internet and online services such as AOL it's easy to clutter your hard drive with so many that you can't remember what you have.

That's why PixSee was developed. It helps solve this problem by giving you quick and easy access to these files with a minimum number of steps. You're given a list of files on the left and a viewing area on the right so all you have to do is click on a file to view or play it. And you can easily step through the others with just one mouse click each or by pressing the cursor up or down key. You can even let MediaShow step through the files automatically.

PixSee also includes robust file handling capabilities. From the main screen you can easily rename and delete individual files or you can call up PixSee's MultiMedia Manager to drag files between directories or delete several files at once.

And last but hardly least, PixSee has a Full-Screen MediaShow mode that cycles through all the images and multimedia files in the selected directory. This makes it easy to create a presentation to show off your favorite images or your company's products.

PixSee MultiMedia Browser supports the following file types:
Music MIDI* (*.MID and *.RMI)
Sounds Windows Wave Files*
Videos Windows Videos(*.AVI)**, QuickTime Movies(*.MOV)***
* Sound and Song files require a sound card and appropriate drivers.
** Requires Video for Windows
*** Requires QuickTime for Windows

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