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Photo Show 3D is a Windows screen saver that will paint your images onto a 3D object and tumble it across your screen. The object may be a cube with the image on all sides, a flat square with the image on each side, or a customizable ball-shaped object with the image mapped onto its surface.
The latest version of Photo Show 3D includes two new features. The first allows it to randomly cycle through the images in a selected directory. The time it displays each image can be set between 10 seconds to 2 minutes. The other new feature is called "Swirl Background" and is difficult to describe so download it and see it for yourself.
The evaluation version of Photo Show 3D supports BMP and PCX files, however 16 million color images are displayed as grayshades due to a limitation of the image library used. The fully-licensed version also supports JPG images and will display them in color as shown in the animation below and in the screen shots.
Photo Show 3D is great for your favorite photos and corporate logos. It supports all standard Windows video modes and requires a 386 or faster processor. It also includes password protection and several user selectable options. Originally written for Windows 3.1, Photo Show 3D has been enhanced to work correctly on all versions of Windows, including NT.
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