Thank you for choosing Photo Show 3D!
There is extensive online help that you may access from the configuration dialog so this file contains only the information needed to get you started.
If you received a ZIP file you should unzip it into an empty directory so that you may delete all files in that directory once it has been installed.
Installation is simple and automatic. All you need to do is run the included EXE file and it will automatically install everything you need to enjoy Photo Show 3D. This file is normally PS3DSE.EXE for the evaluation version or PS3DR.EXE for the fully-licensed version.
Below is information on configuring Photo Show 3D for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98.
Windows 3.1 Installation
You must first run Control Panel. Usually it's in the Main group. Then from the Control Panel you must run Desktop. In the Desktop setup dialog you first select Photo Show 3D as the current screen saver and then click on the Setup button to bring up the Photo Show 3D Configuration Dialog. Click on the help button for additional information.
Windows 95 Installation
Move your cursor to any clear space on your desktop, then click on the right mouse button and choose Properties. Click on the Screen Saver tab and choose the PS3D Screensaver selection from the menu. Use the Settings to adjust the features. Pick Preview to test the screensaver, or OK to save the settings. Click on the help button for additional information.
This version of Photo Show 3D uses Microsoft's new WinG fast graphics library for Windows to support systems running any number of colors from 16 to 16 Million. The first time you run a WinG application at any given screen resolution it may display a box with an strange abstract pattern that it uses to test for the fastest way to update the screen on your system. You should only see it the first time you run the program at that resolution. If Photo Show 3D seems to run for a few seconds and then quit without displaying an image there may be a problem with the WinG installation. All of the WinG files MUST be in the SYSTEM directory to run correctly and there can be no extra copies in other directories, especially the WINDOWS directory. If you are running it on a networked system WinG MUST be installed into the server's SYSTEM directory. This is a limitation of the WinG library which we unfortunately have no control over and we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you.
We hope you enjoy Photo Show 3D and will help to further its growth by sharing the original unregistered version, PS3D*.ZIP, with your friends.

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